Yeshivat Ha'golan

'Yeshivat Ha'golan' is one of the first Hesder Yeshivot. The yeshiva was founded in the winter of 1972 (12/19/1972) with the approval and personal involvment of former PM Golda Meir z"l and Minister of Defense Moshe Dayan z"l. The yeshiva was established in Ramat-Magshimim in several structures that were abandoned by the Syrian army. With the outbreak of the Yom-Kippur war, the yeshiva was the last to be evacuated from the Golan Heights, and its students participated in combat. The yeshiva was conquered during the Syrian attack, and after the war, several books from the yeshiva's library were found in a burned Syrian half-track. 
After the war the studying in the yeshiva resumed, even as the difficult security situation and exhausting shelling continued. By the by, the yeshiva took part in routine security measures, with the students' participation in guard duty and on tank teams for the tanks of the 7th divison. 
Three terrorists infiltrated the perimeter fence on November 11th 1975, and broke into the yeshiva's dormitory. During the attack three students were killed and two more were injured. 
Over the course of the next year the yeshiva was transferred to its permanent dwellings in Hispin. 
With the outbreak of the Shlom-Ha'galil war, all of the yeshiva's students were drafted to join the fighting. In one of the battles, Yossi Levy, who was the company commander's gunner, was killed. The yeshiva's library is named after him. 
Since the mid 1980s a security team was formed in order to protect the community and the educational institutions in the area.